Welcome to the Hive!

Yesterday was a fun mail day!  I received news that I was welcomed into the 2015 Honey Stinger Hive!

Honey Stinger

I had applied to be a part of the Honey Stinger Hive because they make products that I fully stand by and use regularly to fuel my workouts or long runs.  You can check out their website for more information on their products.  One of my favorites is the Acai & Pomegranante Organic Energy gel.  The ingredient list is simple with ingredients that I recognize.  This is super important to me!

With my rigorous training schedule, it’s important I am fueling well and putting good things into my body.  Honey Stinger products fit the bill perfectly!

Speaking of my training schedule and workouts – have you heard the big news?  Members at my gym have been rallying up to build me a workout by donating/purchasing exercises for me to do!  The big day is tomorrow!  I will be doing over 100 burpees, assisted pullups, Turkish get-ups, bike sprints, stair climbing, and more!  I will definitely be fueling this workout with one of my Honey Stinger gels!!   It’s been great seeing the support from the Pinnacle Club and it’s members to help me reach my fundraising goal.  I am truly blessed to be part of such a great community!  All of the money raised is going to support the MS Run the US relay I am participating in.

Have you tried Honey Stinger products?  Which ones are your favorites?  Any last minute advice to get me through all those burpees??

Next post – I’ll be sharing all the details and lots of pictures of my fundraising workout!

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