Weekend Snapshots

It’s always sad to see the weekend come to an end; this weekend especially so.  My daughter was home from college for fall break and we had such a good time together.  We started off the fun by carving pumpkins that we had picked up from the pumpkin patch last weekend.  She picked out a pretty simple design, while my son wanted to make a Chicago Bears design he had found on the internet.  Since we lack the master pumpkin carving skills needed to do this, he opted for an easier Chicago Bears C logo.  I totally forgot to snap pictures of their pumpkins!  Oops!

Friday evening laid back and I had the chance to spend some one-on-one time with my daughter.  We pulled out the deck of cards and Yatzee game and just played and chatted.  It’s great to catch up with her and learn about what’s going on in her world.  Saturday evening we met up with my mom for some dinner and bowling.  When the three of us get together it can get a lil crazy!

Fearless Trio Kelsey Bowling Kelsey and Mom Grandma BowlingIt was a rough start since none of us bowl regularly anymore, but after a few frames we started to find our groove.  So much fun with these two!

Sunday morning I had the opportunity to run at Platte River State Park with the GOATZ, a local trail running group.  We started at 6:00am which meant headlamps or flashlights were a must!  Trying to rush out the door I was frantically looking for my headlamps but they were nowhere to be found. I’m pretty sure my son has confiscated them to use in his nerf wars.  As a last minute effort, I grabbed the flashlight from the glove box in my car and prayed the batteries weren’t dead.  I was in luck – it turned on!  This was my first time running the trails at this park; I was lucky enough to have a few ladies lead the way for me.  Unfortunately, my flashlight was not providing the best lighting.  I managed to fall three times, at which point I was thankful it was still dark out.  As the sun came up I was in awe of the beauty surrounding me.  My “tour guide” even pointed me in the direction of the perfect selfie spot!  The ladies were kind enough to stop and snap a few pictures for me.  Here is my favorite:

Platte River State Park Waterfall

The trails at this park were definitely a challenge for me, but the company and beauty of the park makes it so worth it.  I will be back to tackle these again soon!

As I was leaving the park, I couldn’t help but take a few more pictures of the beautiful fall morning.

Platte River State Park Platte River State ParkEven though this run was a little shorter than my normal Sunday morning runs, I pushed myself pretty hard through the trails.  My favorite way to refuel after a hard run is with sweet potato hash and a runny egg, followed up with my Nuttzo “Bloody Mary”.

Sweet Potato Hash and Egg Nuttzo Bloody Mary

Coming up – I’m 5 days away from running my first ultra, a trail 50K!  I’m definitely going to need to refuel after this.  What is your favorite post race/long run meal?

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