Weekend Fun and Big News

The holidays are in full swing in our house, and I’ve got some exciting news to share.  More on that later.  First, we kicked off the weekend Friday by making some salt dough ornaments using the Christmas Story cookie cutters I received from my hubby.  My son learned that a 1/2 cup of salt tastes really bad and nothing like cookie dough!  The ornaments are still drying so I don’t have a picture of our finished product just yet. 

IMG_0529Saturday my husband treated us to a show at the Rose Theater – A Christmas Story, the musical.  The cast did a great job!  My favorite scene was probably the flagpole one.  It’s a sticky sticky situation!!  If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it!

Sundays are my long run day, and today I had a 12 mile tempo run on the schedule.  I left the house feeling pretty sluggish, and the gloomy, gray weather didn’t help.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to hit the paces today.  I made an agreement with myself to give it a try, and see how it goes.  The schedule was 3 miles easy to warm up, 3×2 miles at 9:29 with 2 min recoveries, and finish up with a 3 mile cool down.  I ran the warm up miles and then the first series of the tempo miles.  Surprisingly, I felt pretty good.  I found a good groove and went with it.  Great!  I completed the run as scheduled and to my surprise, realized I not only hit the paces, but even ran them a little faster- 9:36, 9:23, 9:05, 9:11, 9:03, and 9:04!  I give this run two thumbs up for sure!

IMG_0546This afternoon my hubby and I stole some time away to hang out.  We kicked it back at the movies for a double feature of A Christmas Carol and Christmas in Connecticut.  After this mornings run, it was nice to spend the afternoon relaxing with him.  We both really enjoyed Christmas in Connecticut.  Neither of us had seen it before, and we both enjoy the Christmas black and whites. 

This has been a big weekend for me on the MS Run the US relay front as well!  As a runner for the MS Run the US relay, I’m tasked with raising $10,000 which is used to help fund research and find a cure for MS as well as help those with MS live a better quality of life.  Tonight I’m super excited that I get to announce my first two sponsors that have agreed to support me. 

The first company, New Dawn Nutrition, is one that my husband and I have been going to for over two years.  Owned by Brandon Stewart, a former professional athlete and current pro physique competitor, Brandon has developed products for athletes of all levels.  I believe New Dawn Nutrition to be the only nutrition company in town that caters to the individual and their goals instead of having pre-packaged selling pushes.  Spending a few moments in the store, you’ll witness staff listening to customers and asking questions before recommending a product.  They then talk to you about your options and explain the differences.  New Dawn Nutrition staff is knowledgeable and committed to helping customers reach their goals. 

New Dawn NutritionThe second company, Muscle Maker Grill, is a recent addition to Omaha.  Muscle Maker Grill focuses on being a nutritional alternative to fast food while still providing great taste. They prove that eating healthy really can taste good.  My family has enjoyed eating there because there is something for everyone.  Just yesterday before the play, my husband enjoyed their Cajun Chicken and Pasta while I had the Godfather.  We both commented how when we were finished eating, we were full without having that sluggish feeling you can get from fast foods.  Everything is made to order using only fresh, high quality ingredients.  They have a great menu with a large variety of flavors that help fuel your workout or recover from one.  The portions are perfect, too!  For those of you selective eaters (like me), I was surprised how open and willing they were to make alterations to dishes. 

Muscle Maker GrillI feel so blessed to be asked to be a part of the 2015 MS Run the US relay team and to get the chance to work with both of these companies.   If you are looking for nutritional supplements or a healthy alternative to fast food, you won’t be disappointed with these!  Stop in and talk with their staff.  You’ll find them both to be friendly and I guarantee you’ll want to go back.  If you stop in to see them, tell them I sent you!

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