Vision Boards and Big Things Ahead

It’s a big week in our house!  My daughter is finishing up her last few days of high school and this weekend she will be walking across the stage for graduation.  We’ve been busy attending awards nights, concerts, and prepping the house for her graduation party.  It’s hard to believe this little girl of mine has grown up and will be leaving home soon.  I’m going to savor this last summer of her being home before she goes off to college in the fall.


I have a few big things planned for late summer/fall as well.  I’m planning to run the Sioux Falls marathon September 7.  I will also be running the Twin Cities marathon in October.  Sioux Falls is the big deal though, as I hope to hit my time goal.  This race will be getting my full attention for training.  What’s my goal??  Some of you will already know this as I have been chasing it for a little while now.  I want to run a sub 4 marathon.  This is going to take some hard work and dedication.  My best time to date is 4:09.  I always go into training with specific goals in mind and lay out the plans for the following weeks of training.  Usually these goals include things that go beyond running the miles.  There really is so much more to a successful marathon than just putting in the miles.  I commit to refocusing on my strength training and eating right.  The hard part is keeping this commitment for 16-18 weeks.  Life happens.  The body gets tired and sore, or your mother-in-law makes the best rhubarb bread!  

As I mentally prepare for the next round of training, I will again set similar goals.  Running plan – check.  Strength training plan – check.  Dietary plan – check.  The plans are set, now, how do I go about staying the course?  Two ways.  This weekend I sat down and created a vision board.  Don’t know what one is?  A vision board is a tool to help maintain focus on a specific life goal. Vision boards serve several purposes – identify a vision and give it clarity, reinforce daily affirmations, and keep your attention on your intentions.  A vision board serves as a constant reminder of where you intend to be.  Have you ever made a vision board?  Was it helpful to you? 

vision board 1

Mine is starting off pretty simple, and I plan to add to it.  I might even take it digital and make one on Pinterest. 

vision board 2

The other change I’m making this time around is asking for help.  That’s right, even coaches need coaches.  We all have areas that prove to be more of a struggle than others.  That’s where my help will come in.  I have been struggling to get to my preferred racing weight.  Someone I have the utmost respect for reminded me recently that my struggle with food and diet is an addiction.  It will be something I will always have to work at.  Hearing this was so eye opening for me.  I do not have to do this alone.  This is why we have programs for alcoholics, gamblers, etc. So I am investing in myself and have someone that will be helping me to reach my goals and get to a positive place with my food struggles. 

I’m also going to be consulting with running and strength coaches.  Coaches can be great motivators.  Training for a marathon takes several months, and it’s easy to lose sight of the goal along the way.  Excuses start to creep in when we are only accountable to ourselves; not as easy when we are accountable to someone else.   

I’d love to hear how you maintain your focus through marathon training.  What worked/didn’t work for you?  Have you worked with a coach?

The other big news is my husband and I are planning an anniversary trip to Jamaica!  In August we will be celebrating 5 years of marriage! It’s going to be a great summer! 

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