Today, be AWESOME!

Last night I had the opportunity to see Jillian Michaels as part of her Maximize Your Life tour. 


I’ve followed Jillian for quite some time as I traveled through my own weight loss journey.  I watched the Biggest Loser show, I read a few of her books, etc.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything she has said or done, especially on the tv show, but I also recognize 2 things: 1 – it’s a tv show set up to be dramatic to gain attention, and 2 – I shouldn’t agree 100% with one person.  We all have our own opinions or beliefs on certain subjects.  What I do really like about Jillian is that she stands up for what she believes in and she doesn’t automatically back down when she is met with some resistance. 

There were so many great messages packed in her show.  I sat there like a sponge trying to absorb it all.  She started us off with two simple questions:

  1. What is your why?
  2. Why not you?

Simple right?  Yes, and no.  Jillian talked about learning to identify your why so you can tolerate the how.  Why do you want to lose weight?  Why do you want to land a certain job?  Why did you set those goals at the first of the year?  When we start to identify our why, then we can tolerate the how – the process. 

Why not you?  What makes you less worthy than someone else?  Nothing.  We are are all equally worthy of achieving our why, of being loved, of accomplishing our dreams. Why?  Because we are all AWESOME!  Allow yourself to be awesome. 

If you have a chance to see Jillian on tour, I would highly recommend it.  There were so many messages I that I took away from her show.  It’s not a cure-all, end-all, but she gets you to you think about things in a different way.  And that I believe is the path to forward progress. 

Speaking of forward progess, my next post I will be talking about my personal stuggles in the Phoenix Marathon and what my next steps/goals are.

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