This Girl is on FIRE!

Do you have those moments in life where everything seems to just fall into place?  Moments where you feel focused and completely alive, ready to tackle the biggest tasks? Well, that’s where I’m at right now.  I’m not sure how I even got here.  It could be that my daughter has graduated high school and the open house is done.  There was a ton of stress getting ready for this and I was feeling overwhelmed and sad.  It’s such a bittersweet occasion.  I couldn’t be more proud of my girl though.  She’s ready to move on to the next big step in her life!  Come August she will be college bound.

Open House
Open House

As for me, THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE!  I’m ready to tackle my goals and challenges that I’ve set for myself.  I’ve been talking about them since January and working on them – sort of.  Usually I can say I don’t half-a** anything; I go big or I don’t go.  But this year has been different.  I haven’t truly been committed to my goals and given them my all.  Until now.

Be unstoppable

I’ve found that desire within myself; the flame that I’ve been searching for.  I feel ever so focused and ready to accept change.  I’m ready to work hard and get uncomfortable.  I’ve had some great sessions in the gym and some pretty fabulous runs this past week.  I’m dialing in some changes in my nutrition and I’m feeling good.

It’s time for me to put my goals out there, in writing and truly commit to meeting them.  So here they are:

1.  Run a sub 4 hour marathon – hopefully in Sioux Falls, SD Sept 7.  Feel free to come cheer this girl on!

2.  Get back to my optimal racing weight and body fat percentage.  Historically, I ran my best at 130 pounds, 15% body fat.

3.  Get bikini ready for our 5 year anniversary trip to Jamaica in August.

4.  Maintain 2, preferably 3 days a week of strength training.

It will hurt

What do you do when you find yourself struggling? How do you get back on track toward those goals?  How are you doing in getting those 2014 goals accomplished?


Finally, I’ll leave you with a quick photo dump of a few fun things I did this weekend.  Sunday was my long(ish) run day – 11 hot muggy miles.

 11 miles

I followed that up with Bike the Bluffs, a part of the Loessfest celebration.  It was 27 miles total.  My legs were J-E-L-L-O afterwards!




2 thoughts on “This Girl is on FIRE!

  1. You go, girl!
    I just played this song (This Girl Is On Fire) in my indoor cycling class last night – it made me feel so empowered!
    So, I listen to music to motivate myself 🙂 Or watch videos of professional athletes on YouTube.

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