Thankful for You

Every day I am amazed by the people in my life.  I often listen to them share stories or talk about their accomplishments and am in awe of their successes.  I love hearing my friends talk about their PR’s, or new running distances.  I love hearing my clients share with me the changes they are making everyday.  I love seeing my clients bring 110% to the gym for their workouts.  I love listening to my family get excited about being active, and trying new foods.  We really are only as good as those we surround ourselves with, right?  Well, I feel damn proud of those in my life.

Right now there is one person who really stands out; she just totally rocks my world.  She inspires me more than she can ever imagine.  She has supported me through my life during the bad and the good.  Never waivering from my side.  My rock, my pillar of strength.  I am the person I am today, because of her influence on my life and her support.  I owe her everything I am.  And I don’t tell her this enough.  When others have left my side, she has been there to mend my broken heart.  When I need a little push in the right direction, she kindly gives me that swift kick in the tush.  She stands in the cold, rain, snow, and heat to support me in my dreams.  She is my number one fan.  She is my Mom.


I feel so blessed to have such a close relationship with my mom.  It hasn’t been without its ups and downs, but it’s so worth it to be where we are today.

Here’s a quick look at some of our fun times from 2013:

Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon-

New Orleans

4th of July Family Fun-

4th of July Barbeque

A Christmas Story Run, Cleveland OH –

Cleveland Snow

me and mom 1

And lastly, a favorite quote that a friend shared with me, and I just love:


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