Thank You – Operation 165 Week 5

Operation 165 Week 5

Last year I committed to something bigger than I ever have before.  Bigger than any goal I had ever set for myself in the past and I stepped way outside of my itty-bitty comfort zone.  I committed to running 165 miles in 6 days AND raising $10,000 to help fund research for finding a cure for MS.  I had some serious questions in my head about being able to meet these goals that seemed so far out of reach.  I had never participated in a fundraiser before, or committed to something that was of this nature- something that was for a bigger cause, beyond my personal needs or wants.  I really had no idea how to begin a fundraiser or how I was supposed to train for this kind of mileage.

1000 miles

Luckily, I was given some great advice.  A training plan was provided to each runner giving us a road map to get us started.  I tweaked the plan just a bit to fit my personal schedule.  This was the easier part, as I’m pretty good at following a training plan – it fits my personality profile.  I just wrapped up week 5 of 19 for training and overall it’s going well.  There are definitely some ups and downs, as with any training process.  The weather has been cold and I just can’t seem to talk myself into getting into 5 layers of clothes and hitting the streets.  I’ve been logging most of my miles on the treadmill, and it’s really starting to take a toll on me.  My body is in need of some sun and scenery.  The added cross training has been fun.  I’ll admit – I’ve been sorer these past few weeks than I had been in quite some time.  I’m definitely pushing my body, asking for it to do more, and I know that it will pay off this summer.

Week of 2/22/15 –   Planned Miles: 44           Actual Completed Miles: 44

Sunday – 18 miles easy; Crossfit Endurance workout

Monday – Crossfit

Tuesday – 5 miles easy

Wednesday – 7 miles easy; Crossfit

Thursday – 7 miles easy; 60 mins indoor cycling

Friday – Crossfit

Saturday – 7 miles progressive pace

I did cut back on a few of my workouts this week compared to last.  I’m trying to give my foot a little more time to heal. It’s important to stay injury free!

In It For the Long Run

The other part of this whole commitment – raising $10,000, I had no idea how I was going to do this.  Well, I’m here to say that I did it!!  Not on my own by any means; I had a LOT of help, and some fabulous donors!!  There are no words to fully express my gratitude and thanks to each person or company that has helped me reach my goal.  I have truly been blown away at the support I’ve received from everyone.  Reaching this goal this past week left me speechless. It reminds me of how loved and blessed I am.

Thank you to each and every person or company that donated to support me and MS Run the US.  I’d like to include a few shout-outs this week.  To see a full list of my donors, please visit my first-giving page.

New Dawn Nutrition

Muscle Maker Grill Omaha

Performance Volkswagen

American National Bank

Pinnacle Fitness Club and Members

Simmons Boardman Books


Thank You

And I’ll leave you with this one last quote – just because I think it’s fun, and we all should have a little fun in our days!

Fruit Loop

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