Summer Fresh Vega Recovery Popsicles

It’s been two weeks since I finished my segment for MS Run the US.  I took a full week off of running to give my body and mind a chance to recover.  I was a little worried during training that post relay I would experience some running blues.  It’s not uncommon.  In fact, other relay runners have expressed that it was hard for them to go back to their “normal” life after running their segment.  There’s so much hype and buildup, and you’re running for a purpose that reaches beyond your personal benefit.  The feelings are similar to what one may feel postpartum, post wedding, or any other life changing event. 

Two weeks later, I’m feeling good – really good.  It’s as if my mind has been reset and refreshed.  I’m ready to move on to the next thing!  Those close to me should not be surprised that I do in fact have something planned in the horizon.  I’ve set new goals and will be sharing them soon! 

In the meantime, here’s a quick recap from my weekend runs.

Saturday I made it out to the Wabash Trace trail for 8 miles.  I’ve been working on getting some speed back into my running.  I’ve lost some of my pace during endurance training.  I was quite pleased to see I hit an 8:33 mile!  I’m excited to see more of these!! Oh – and isn’t that mural of the bike pretty awesome?!

Wabash Trail Run

Sunday morning I met the GOATZ group at Schramm Park for some trails.  I nailed out another 8 miles here.  The miles aren’t all easy-peasy, but I’m loving them.  It’s a great feeling to get your mojo back!

Schramm Trail Running I had a chance this weekend to have a little fun in the kitchen after my run!  I usually have some sort of recovery shake post run.  With the weather getting warmer I thought it would be fun to turn my recovery shake into popsicles.  You can put all kinds of goodies in your mix, but I like to keep it pretty simple.  Vega Recovery Accelerator is one of my favorites for post workout.  Usually I add either hemp hearts or Vega Sport Performance Protein to the mix, but forgot to this time! 

Recovery Popsicles Ingredients

And the final product!  It tasted great and it was super refreshing! It was even daughter approved!Recovery Popsicles

What do you like to enjoy after a hot workout in the summertime?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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