St. Louis Family Road Trip

Last weekend we loaded the family up in the car for a road trip down to St. Louis, Missouri.  I had signed up for the Go! St. Louis marathon and we thought we’d make a mini vacation out of it with the kids.  It’s been a while since we’ve all been able to get away due to school and work demands.

St Louis Road Trip

On the way there my husband asked me if I wanted to switch the drive up a bit and head into Hannibal.  Hannibal is where my Grandmother is buried and a place which I have many fond memories of.  Of course I jumped at the chance.

Our first stop was the cemetery so that I could visit Grandma.  While there, I realized that it has been 10 years this month since she passed.  I can still hear her voice her laugh in my head.  I remember her slight southern accent and how she called pop “sodi”.  She is where I got my sweet tooth from, and she also made the BEST peanut butter fudge.  I’ve tried many times to make it using her recipe, but I have yet to get it right.  Another fond memory I have is going to the Mark Twain Dinette with Grandma.  They make awesome maid rite sandwiches and homemade root beer floats.  If you’ve never had a maid rite, it’s basically seasoned loose meat on a bun with your choice of toppings.  My toppings of choice – ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion.  After leaving the cemetery, the dinette was our next stop.  And yes, I splurged on maid rites and a root beer float!  Totally worth it!

Mark Twain Dinette

We rolled into St. Louis pretty late, but we wanted to stretch out after the long car ride so we spent some time walking around downtown and checking out the Busch Stadium area, which by the way – that stadium rocks!  It’s too bad we weren’t going to be in town long enough to catch a game.

Busch Stadium

Saturday morning the hubby and I took a quick 2 mile stroll around downtown for me to shake out my legs before the marathon on Sunday.  We were quite impressed with the various artwork we came across in the parks.  I was also loving all of the tulips around town – tulips are my favorite!

St Louis TulipsJason Running After our run, we all got cleaned up and headed to the marathon expo so I could pick up my packet and bib.  Then – we were on our way to Six Flags – the real reason the kids wanted to come!  Six Flags had a lot of great rides.  I’m a particular fan of roller coasters and they certainly had a good share of some wicked ones!

Six Flags

After a long day at Six Flags we were ready to eat.  I often have pasta the night before a marathon if I’m traveling.  It’s a simple meal and easy to find when you’re in unfamiliar territory.  An old high school friend who lives in the area recommended we check out Rigazzi’s on The Hill.  I had made reservations, but we managed to get there before our scheduled time.  We took advantage of the perfect weather and explored the neighborhood.  I could definitely see spending some time in this area.  Lots of restaurants and shops to explore!

Sunday morning was the marathon, but I’m not going to cover the details on that in this post.  I want to give a full review of the marathon and I’ve already flooded you lots of goodies.  I’ll wrap this post up with a few final pictures of our last stop before leaving St. Louis – the Gateway Arch.

St Louis Arch

St. Louis certainly has a lot to offer to visitors.  We were sad that we didn’t have more time, as there were a few more places we would have liked to visit.  Maybe we’ll just have to schedule another road trip!

Do you take impromptu road trips? Have you visited anywhere recently that surprised you?

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