Segment Assignment – MS Run the US

Yesterday I received some exciting news in my e-mail about the MS Run the US 2015 relay.  There has already been a lot of planning and emails going around, but this one in particular stands out.  This email has the segment assignments for each relay runner.  Yes, the news we’ve all been waiting for!  I scanned the file for my name, I found it listed about half way through the list; segment 9.  My start location – Wray, Colorado! 


As I sat there trying to absorb the information, my mind was giving me images of steep mountain climbs in high elevation.  I was thinking to myself “oh no, I’ve never run in any kind of elevation” and “how am I going to do this?” and my mind was displaying visions of me getting sick along the road side. 

Wait, wait, wait a minute.  I remind myself to breathe and keep reading and to look at the maps.  As I reviewed the maps I started to snap back to reality.  Here’s what reality looks like: #msruntheus

My segment begins at nearly the border of Colorado next to Nebraska.  While Colorado may have some terrain to deal with, I know Nebraska to be pretty flat.  I zoomed in and out on the map several times and realize, most of my run is going to be through Nebraska, and with quite the elevation DROP even! Then I started to shake my head up and down.  Yes, I can do this! 

After this realization, I checked out the remaining details of my run segment.  I will be running from Wray, Colorado to Holdredge, NE June 10-15.  It’s a total span of 165 miles in 6 days. 


The timing for my segment is absolutely perfect!  I’m excited to start laying out my training plan; 2015 is going to be an EPIC year!

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