Race Weekend and a Workout

Good morning friends! It’s been a great week here so far; lots of workouts and running. This weekend I’ll be running the Lincoln half marathon.  I’m so excited to run this.  I’ve been seriously getting the itch for a race lately.  I really wanted to sign up for another full marathon for the spring but I’m listening to my body and focusing a little more on my strength training again and shorter race distances.  My goal is to be stronger and more rested when I run the Twin Cities Marathon in October.  The last time I ran Lincoln, it was my first full marathon (2011).  It will be great to go back to this course and experience part of it again.  I’m also looking forward to staying around to cheer on several of my friends who are running the full!! 

Today I’m starting a new trend on the blog.  Each Wednesday I’ll post a workout for you called Tuesday Tickler!  It will be a pretty close replica of what I take my Sunset Surprise class through on Tuesday evenings.  I have a lot of freedom in this class; I’m not limited to strength or circuits, etc.  You’ll see lots of variety and hopefully get some new ideas to help fuel your workouts!  Be sure to leave some feedback and let me know what you think of the workouts.  Feedback = more workouts posted 🙂 So here’s your first one – go give it a try and tell me how it went! 

Tuesday Tickler 1

**Always warm up and cool down with each workout. 

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