Market to Market Relay Iowa Race Recap

My first relay race experience was an absolute blast!  I ran in the Market to Market Relay Iowa race last weekend.  If you’ve never run a relay race before, I would definitely suggest it!  Not sure what a relay race is all about?  Here’s a little bit about how this one went down:

2 teams…..12 ladies…..2 Honda Pilots…..75 miles…..17 stages…..1 fabulous day!!!

We took two teams to Jefferson Iowa, each team consisting of 6 ladies. My team – Off Like a Prom Dress:


Each runner on the team was assigned a runner number and stages to run.  I was runner #3, legs 3, 9, and 15.

6 person matrixI felt pretty good about my legs and the mileage I would be running.

We managed to locate a hotel that had accommodations of 3 queen beds!  None of us had ever seen that before, it worked out great; a room for each team!!  We were up at 4:30 am so we could head out to pick up our packets.  At packet pick up we received our bibs, t-shirts, timing baton and course material that included the running and driving directions.  Our first runner from each team took off at 6am!

m2m race start

We took a quick team photo before we headed to the first exchange point:

Team – Off Like a Prom Dress

m2m preraceWe loaded back into the Honda Pilots and found our way to the first exchange point.  This would be the way we would spend our day, riding, waiting, running, repeat.

m2m race 1

m2m race 2

Our last runners brought it in around 5:30pm, where the teams joined back up and everyone ran the last .2 miles to the finish line together!  It was finally time to celebrate!  We had completed 75 miles in just less than 12 hours.

m2m finish celebrationEveryone received a cool pint glass for finishing.  Our post race photo – back row is team Off Like a Prom Dress, front row team Runaway Bride:

m2m postraceThe post-race shindig got cut a little short for us as the skies decided to really open up.  We had thunder, lightning, and pouring rain.  Sounded like a good time to pack up and head back home.

I was so pleased with how well this event was put together.  The organizers and volunteers did a great job; even if they changed my third leg from an easy/moderate 4 miler to a HARD 4 miler with an almost 2 mile hill due to construction.  Hats off to my running partner (check her out at Harleys and Heels) – she kicked that hill’s behind!

This day gave me so many new memories and a chance to meet new friends.  I’m already thinking about the next relay race that will be held in October and seeing if I could fit that in my schedule.  I may have found my new addiction!!

Have you run a relay race before?  Do you have any you would recommend?

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