Phoenix Marathon and a Challenge Update

The Phoenix marathon is less than 3 weeks away!!  I’m getting excited to run in some warmer temps.  I’ve been running several of my long runs on the treadmill this training due to scheduling and the weather.  I know many states have been experiencing much colder weather, but I’m just not willing to risk a fall on the ice right now.  Now is about the time that I usually start to question my training.  Did I do enough speed work?  Should I have trained more hills?  Did I nail my fueling and hydration practice?  Did I run fast enough to achieve the goal I’ve set for myself?  Did I do enough strength training? It doesn’t matter how many marathons I’ve run, I ask myself questions like these each time I start to taper.  The truth is, circumstances, and our bodies change.  So what may have worked for me in my last marathon, may not work for training and running of my next marathon.  Many people use the phrase “trust your training” or “trust the process”.  That’s so hard for me to do.   

Taper is also the time that I need to really be spot on with my nutrition up to race day.  Sometimes this is easier than others.  Sometimes I luck out and stumble across a fabulous recipe that I am excited about trying.  Recently I was looking for a lentil sloppy joe recipe for my lunches.  I came across this one by Chocolate Covered Katie.  I especially liked the idea of serving it up on an english muffin.  The only tweak I made to this recipe was adding diced red peppers.  I made the batch and portioned it out for my lunches this week along with a side salad and strawberries.  Every day I have looked forward to this…

Lentil sloppy joe

We are also half way through February and half way through the Fitfluential and Under Armour burpee challenge.  You can read more about it here. I’m still plugging along and making pretty good progress!  Are you participating in the challenge?  How is it going?  I’ve been finding that the burpees are getting easier, and I’m getting a little bit faster at them.  By the end of the month burpees and I might even be BFFs (or not).  My classes are subject to my burpee madness, too! Those lucky ducks!  You can follow my progress here!

Burpee Challenge

Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win the Mashup Tempo DVD!  Only a few days left to enter. 

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