Operation 165 – Week 7 of 19

Operation 165 Week 7

Just a quick post to catch everyone up on week 7 of my Operation 165 MS Run the US training.  Last week was fairly uneventful.  I’ve been transitioning my running back outside recently after dealing with the plantar fasciitis.  Outside running is harder for me than on the treadmill so I’m finding my pace is a bit slower than it had been before the injury.  That’s okay though.  Right now it’s all about time on my feet!  I do love getting back out to the trails.  I also realized just how much I was missing running with other running pals.

In addition to getting back outside, last week I met with a registered dietician to help me dial in my nutrition over the next few weeks.  As I’ve increased my strength training and picked my miles back up, I’ve been struggling with this unquenchable appetite.  My energy levels were also really low and I was struggling to get through some of the workouts.  The RD wants to see me increase my intake to about 2500 calories a day, which sounds like  A LOT!  She also wants me to increase my carb intake.  I had tried cutting back on grains for other reasons, but by doing so she’s concerned I’m lacking in B vitamins.  It’s scary to make these kind of changes, for fear of putting weight on, but I’m going to give it the good ole’ college try for a few weeks and we’ll see how it goes!

Does anyone else struggle with a surging appetite after working out, or does it suppress your appetite? Did you make any adjustments to your diet to adapt?

Here’s the recap of last week’s training:

Week of 03/08/15:

Sunday – 21 miles easy, crossfit

Monday – crossfit, 5 miles easy

Tuesday – REST day!!

Wednesday – 6 miles easy, crossfit

Thursday – 6 miles easy, 60 mins cycling

Friday – crossfit

Saturday – strength training, 5 miles easy

Total Miles: 43     Total Planned Miles: 40

Ending Weight 03/14/15: 131

Week March 8

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