Operation 165 – Week 1 of 19

Operation 165 Week 1 of 19

The first week of Operation 165, training for my MS Run the US relay segment, was a big success!  Week 1 of 19 is in the books.  A few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure when I would be able to start running again.  I tentatively set this week as my starter week for training.  After coming home from the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans Marathon I was happy to have finished the run pain free, and with no implication!  It was then I felt confident in starting on my schedule.  Operation 165, as I’m calling it, means eating right, training hard in the gym, and covering lots of miles.  This is my focus right now.  Everyone around me will hear me say it over and over again for the next few months.  In the moments that I want to consume a large volume of almond butter, I’m going to ask myself “Will this help Operation 165?”.  When I don’t want to get out of bed to run or workout, I’ll repeat my mantra “Operation 165”.  I’m committed to getting my body in the best possible shape for this adventure! And if you don’t hear me saying it, and you see my drive weakening, remind me – “OPERATION 165”!

So, without further rambling, here’s how week one shaped up:

Week of January 25:

Sunday – Completed the Rock-n-Roll New Orleans marathon with my husband!

Monday – Rest day

Tuesday – 5 miles easy (treadmill), 60 minutes stair climber

Wednesday – 30 mins kickboxing, 6 miles easy (treadmill)

Thursday – 6 miles fartlek (treadmill), 60 mins indoor cycling

Friday – 30 mins kickboxing

Saturday – 60 mins strength training general, 6 miles easy (treadmill)

Total miles (not including the marathon): 23 

Total planned miles: 24

Starting weight, as of Tuesday, January 27: 135 lbs (post vacation, and a gazillion pralines!)

I want to hear from you!  How do you prepare for big events?  Do you give yourself a mantra to follow? 

I’ll leave you with this inspirational quote for the week:

MS Run the US


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