Old Habits Surfacing and Week 4 of 19 Operation 165

Operation 165 Week 4

Week 4 of Operation 165

This week proved to be a bit of a challenge for me. I made some not-so-great food choices and found myself overeating on more than one occasion.   Unfortunately, old habits die hard.  I would like to say that after losing the weight, my mind and body would respond appropriately and keep me on the right path.  But here’s the thing, I spent many years of my life in a very unhealthy relationship with food.  As a child I would often come home from school and raid the kitchen for snacks.  I would eat a little bit of of lot of different foods – chips, cupcakes, and ice cream were regular choices.  Little Debbie and I were great friends, okay BESTIES.  I would eat until I was stuffed, and then still eat a full plate of dinner.  I fight this habit still today.  When I get home from work it’s a struggle everyday.  Most of the time we don’t have this stuff in the house, so when I do fall into old habits it is with a healthier food, such as almond butter or nuts, but it’s still overeating.  And then there are times when I’m in a different environment where other foods are around that I struggle to exercise control with.  That’s a recipe for disaster.

Going into week 5 of my training, I’m going to focus on eating to fuel my body with the foods that will help it recover from my workouts and keep me strong and injury free.  I’m also committed to getting more sleep this week.  When I am tired and running on fumes, I often make ill choices in regards to my diet.  Last week I was pretty run down.  Changing these long-ingrained habits will take a long time, and I consider it to be a work in progress.  And it is probably something I will forever be working on.  Losing weight was the easy part.  Maintaining it and developing a healthy relationship with food – this takes work.

Here’s a recap of my workouts for week 4:

Week of 02/15/15:

Sunday – 17 miles easy, crossfit

Monday – crossfit, 30 mins kickboxing

Tuesday – 6 miles rolling hills

Wednesday – 6.5 miles easy, crossfit, kickboxing

Thursday – 8 miles fartlek

Friday – crossfit

Saturday – Taught strength training class, 6 miles easy – 1st run outside in weeks!!!

Total Miles: 43.5     Total Planned Miles: 43.5

Starting Weight 02/15/15: 129     Ending Weight 02/21/15: 133

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