Music to My Ears – Operation 165 Week 3

Operation 165 Week 3

Week 3 of Operation 165 went great!  My plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis have been feeling really good so I weaned myself off the anti-inflammatory medicine and increased my miles.  I even added in a little bit of rolling hill work and fartlek session on the treadmill this week.  I’ve been continuing my stretches and strengthening exercises the PT gave me.  When I met with the PT early in the week I reported all of this to him.  He gave me a big grin and said I didn’t need to schedule any appointments! He said we could play it by ear and to call if my situation changes!  This was music to my ears!  Being released from PT treatment and getting a green light is a pretty big deal in my world.

Green LIght

My workouts were pretty intense this week, and that usually results in a jump in appetite for me.  There were a few days that I struggled a little bit with my snacking.  I tend to eat a lot of almond butter when I’m feeling this way, so we’ve rid the house of it for now.  I will continue to get my healthy fats from other sources like avocado, olive or coconut oil, and some raw nuts. I also tried adding hummus back in last week for snacking on.  That’s unfortunately still a no-go.  Legumes and I just don’t get along well.  But – I will add that the beet hummus from Trader Joe’s is FABULOUS!

Here’s a recap of my workouts for week 3:

Week of 02/08/15:

Sunday – 15 miles easy

Monday – crossfit, 30 mins kickboxing

Tuesday – 6 miles rolling hills

Wednesday – 6.5 miles easy, crossfit

Thursday – 7 miles fartlek, crossfit, 60 mins indoor cycling

Friday – crossfit, 30 mins kickboxing

Saturday – Taught Boxing Bootcamp and Strength Training classes, 6 miles easy

Total Miles: 40.5     Total Planned Miles: 41.5

Starting Weight 01/31/15: 130     Ending Weight 02/07/15: 129

I also had my body comp figured on Saturday.  I always like to do this when I start a new training cycle, mid-way through, and then again just before the race.  This helps me identify if I need to make changes in future training plans.  My current body fat is 16%, with 110 pounds of lean muscle.  The goal with training will be to maintain or increase the lean muscle and maintain or drop a bit of the body fat.  The amount of cardio I do puts me at risk for burning through my lean muscle, so the strength workouts are key to maintaining this as well as injury prevention.

One final thought before I wrap this up…  Do you have a nickname?  I’ve never really had one, other than being called Pumpkin by my Dad when I was young and I wouldn’t say this counts.  My husband’s friends all call him by his last name, and have since college.  Well, this week someone finally coined one that I think is pretty fitting for my current situation – “Killer Killion“.  I think I can rock this one!  Share yours with me in the comments below!

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