MS Run the US Relay Updates

Operation 165 Week 12 & 13

Where are they now??  MS Run the US relay has kicked off! The first two runners, Melissa and Larry started us off in great fashion!  They both crushed their segments, dealing with high temps, sand, wind, and hills.  Our third relay runner, Mac, started in Las Vegas and now appears to be in Panaca.  He’s got the longest segment with lots of elevation.  MS Run the US is doing a great job of sharing photos and videos every day on their social media platforms.  Please follow our runners and show your support!

I’ve been so blessed to have the support of friends and family along this journey.  Everyone has helped in so many ways – through donations (thank you for helping me reach my fundraising goal!), accompanying me for all or portions of my long runs, sending me texts and posts cheering me on, picking up my slack at home (love you, Jason!), listening to all of my running talk (and sometimes complaints), tending to my runners ailments…. so many supporters! I seriously could not do this without all of this support.  Thank you!!!

My training is going well.  Last week I was dealing with a bit of an injury.  Thanks to the help from my PT, Luke Collin at Community Rehab, I’m doing well, and have been able to keep on training without further issue!  We determined that the Brooks Shoes I’d been running in for over two years, were changed with the release of the 2015’s.  The narrower toe box was causing me to curl my toes, without me recognizing that I was doing so.  It was such a small change in the shoe, that I didn’t notice it until my ankle and achilles started to talk to me.  The shoe store recommended I try out a New Balance shoe.  I was quite hesitant to make a change at this point in my training, but I knew that I wouldn’t be running much longer if I didn’t change something.  I took the new shoes out for a few short runs before I committed them to a long run.  So far, I’ve put about 75 miles on them and they are feeling great.  I had no idea just how cramped up my toes had been in the old shoes.  Now my tootsies are happy, and the other symptoms are getting better!

Here’s my recap of the past two weeks of training:

Week of April 12 –

Sunday – 29 miles (St. Louis Marathon)

Monday – 2 miles, Crossfit

Tuesday – 5 miles

Wednesday – 8 miles, Crossfit

Thursday – 4 miles, 60 mins cycling

Friday – Crossfit

Saturday – 8 miles

Total planned miles: 52               Actual miles: 56

Week of April 19 –

Sunday – 16 miles (Gambler 1/2 marathon), Crossfit

Monday – 8 miles, Crossfit

Tuesday – REST day

Wednesday – 24 miles, Crossfit

Thursday – 4 miles, 60 mins cycling

Friday – 8 miles, Crossfit

Saturday – 10 miles

Total planned miles: 71               Actual miles: 70

April Miles

I hit some running PR (personal records) in the month of April!  Woo hoo!!

I would love to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience when shoe companies update their shoes?  Let me know if the comments below!

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