March Wrap-up and a 12-week Workout Plan

This weekend there was inspiration all around me.  It was all over Facebook, running beside me, and training with me in the gym.  I was surrounded by people who were giving it their best, and in some cases, more than they thought they had; each of them pushing their limits in one way or another. 

Posts were filling up my Facebook feed about the journey of a running pal running his first 100 miler.  Having only run 26 miles myself, I can only try to imagine the experience he had and the strength and determination it required of him to complete this challenge.  It was truly inspiring to see the pictures and updates his crew was posting as he pushed through the miles.  Congratulations to my buddy – YOU DID IT!!! 

It’s often easy for me to get caught up in mileage I accumulate running and what my next race will be, etc.  This weekend I had the opportunity to run with a couple training for their first marathon.  They were running their longest run ever of 18 miles!  They had such big smiles on their faces.  They were talking about training for a marathon and how it seems so daunting when you begin, but then before you know it, you’re down to one last long run and those short runs are what used to be your long runs.  They are even planning a post marathon celebration party, which I think is the best idea ever! Seriously, why didn’t I think of that??  It was so refreshing to run with them.  It reminded me to appreciate each and every mile I run, no matter the distance, no matter how many times I’ve run it before. 

I feel honored to be a part of each of their journeys, even if in a small way.  They have no idea how much they have inspired me. 

As we wrap up March, I’m doing my usual routine and looking back at my mileage and workouts for the month.  March started off a little rocky with the disappointment of the Phoenix marathon, but it didn’t last long!  I found a part of myself again that I had lost touch with.  I’m back to enjoying the miles and the time on the trails.  Here’s how my mileage last week shook out:

running miles

My body is feeling great, my legs are recovering well, and mentally I’m in a much better place.  I’m feeling ready to take on April with a charge!  I’ll be continuing my mileage, and slowly starting to add back in the strength training workouts that I’ve gotten away from. 

Are you looking to change up or start a new workout routine?  As a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, I received a 12 week plan to Get Sporty for Summer, and I’m going to share it with you!  The plan was developed by the founder of Girls Gone Sporty, Laura Williams.  The workouts offer variety and won’t require spending hours in the gym or spending a bunch of money.  So, check it out here!  If you try the 12-week plan let me know what you think! 

2 thoughts on “March Wrap-up and a 12-week Workout Plan

  1. You’re definitely re-igniting my interest in running! I ran about 300 miles last year, which I know isn’t a lot by most runner’s standards, but for someone who couldn’t ever run a mile straight without stopping, it was a big accomplishment. Unfortunately some lung issues made running incredibly painful and uncomfortable, and as winter set in I just started resenting it. I do really want to build up my endurance again, as I was just starting to hit the 8 mile mark at the end of last summer. Way to go though! Like I said, you’ve really inspired me to want to get back out there! I did have an accomplishment in March though–21 Pure Barre classes in 31 days. Tough but worth it! Hope April is an awesome month for you!

    • 21 barre classes – you are AWESOME!!! You will get back to that 8 mile mark! Start slow and easy, and maybe find a friend or group to run with. That was super helpful for me. Can’t wait to read about your progress!

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