Just Another Race?

I’m 4 days away from running my 11th marathon.  I’m in full taper and feeling the full effects of it.  Today was a short 4 mile run.  It was the best, and the worst 4 miles.  Those short runs are often the hardest for me.  My body is barely warmed up and then it’s time to stop.  And the short runs seem to drag on forever, even though the distance is shorter.  The flip side is, I GOT TO RUN!  My legs have been antsy as I have been resting them up to get ready for the race.  Now, I use the word “race” rather losely.  I am not going to win any medals, or age group awards.  But it’s still a race.  I give it my all for 26.2 miles.  I always go into a race with a goal in mind.  So, when someone close to me this week said “it’s just another race”, it stung.  Quite a bit.  I don’t know that it will ever become just another race.  I give my heart and soul to each one I run.  Every mile is hard work.  I do not discount the distance; I have full respect for it. 

This weekend I will line up with thousands of others with my goal in mind.  I will give this race my full attention and effort.  I will run until I feel like I can’t run anymore.  I will push even when I think my gas tank is empty.  I will leave it all out there on the road.  It won’t be just another race.  I will embrace my training and know that I’ve put in hard work to get where I am.  I will not stop. 

I found these today while looking at motivational quotes:


This is one of my favorites:


Tonight I am wrapping up my playlist for Saturday’s race.  Do you have any special songs you like to listen to when you run?  Songs that really get your running feet moving?  Here are a few that have made it to my list so far: Come With Me Now – Kongos, Blast the Speakers – Warp Brothers, Voodoo and Serano, Tame Impala – Elephant, Feel Alive – Benassi Bros, and Radioactive – Within Temptation.  I could use a few more so be sure to share a some of your favorites!

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