June Recap

I can’t believe we are already saying goodbye to June!  It seems like it was just a few days ago I was watching my daughter cross the stage of her high school graduation.  Summer always seems to go so quickly doesn’t it??  It’s too bad we can’t slow the clock down just a little to give us more time to savor these sweet summer days and evenings.  I thought wrapping up the graduation would free up some of my time, but it seems I’ve just filled it with other amazing things.

June has been a wonderful month.  I had the opportunity to travel to Kansas City and race in one of my favorite events – Hospital Hill.  I seriously can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year.  My mom joined me for this trip; it’s always wonderful to have that mother-daughter time with her away from our daily grind.  You can read all about our trip and how the race went here.

I’ve revved up my workouts this month.  I had previously gotten away from strength training in an effort to keep up with a demanding schedule.  This month I made a commitment to myself that I would incorporate it back in.  I know that a good strength training routine is a major contributor to me meeting my goals.  In addition to the strength training, I’ve been really focusing on cleaning up my diet and focusing on foods that will help fuel me through my busy days, workouts, and runs, and then improve my recovery time.  Combine all of this and I’m keeping my hopes up to remain injury free!

So here’s a recap of my workouts for June:

  • Running – 201.2 miles, including one 5k race and one half marathon
  • Cycling – 4 indoor cycling classes, 27 miles outside
  • Strength training – 10 strength workouts and 3 kickboxing workouts

Now that the strength training has settled its way back into my routine, I’m going to be upping up the intensity and frequency.  It will also be a higher running mileage month.  Staying focused and committed to my goals will be key!  A quick recap of my current goals:

  • Run a 4 hour marathon (PB to date is 4:09)
  • Get back to my “racing weight” (BF 15% and lose excess pounds from winter)
  • Run injury free
  • Aim for 7 hours of sleep each night

These goals will also help me in getting bikini ready for our 5 year anniversary.  We will be celebrating this year on the sandy beaches of Jamaica.  This year we will be staying at one of the Jewel resorts.  I can’t wait to see what this resort has to offer!  I will be teaching two fitness/spinning classes a day while we are there, which gives the hubby plenty of time for diving.  

I’ll leave you with a some pictures of a few things I’m loving right now, sort of like a “Friday Five”, but its Monday…. 🙂


Bad Day Quote Excuses Quote

Foods to fuel me:

Vega Mini Cucumbers

Running outside:

Outside Run 2

Have you reevaluated or established some goals recently? What things are you loving right now?



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