Get your Burpee on!

Fitfluential released a new challenge on their blog today!  I am super excited for it.  Ready?  Here is it…  Complete 1000 burpees by the end of February!  Yep, 1000!  Burpees are a great total body workout.  I almost always include burpees in my classes and client workouts. 

Here’s the link to the challenge write up on Fitfluential’s blog.  Definitely check out the details and let me know if you are in!  I would love some company.  Let’s knock out these burpees together.

Fitfluential Burpee Challenge

If you decide to participate, be sure to use hastag #FFBURPEE on Instagram and Twitter.  Bring on the burpees! So, who’s in???

Keep track of my progress here!

2 thoughts on “Get your Burpee on!

  1. Burpees suuuuuccckk! Good luck on that one! LOL. I have a marathon in a few weeks and don’t want to risk over-doing it, so I’m out on the FEB burped challenge but maybe I’ll do it on my own in March! Saw you’ve got some AWESOME mileage down on the Run This Year mileage report. Way to go! Keep up the good work and again, good luck on those burpees!

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