Friday Five – Motivation

Friday Five

Good morning and happy Friday!  Here in Nebraska we have been blessed with some exceptional fall weather.  It’s late October and we’re still seeing 80 degree temps.  I can remember in years past getting light dustings of snow fall at this time of year.  I’m quite grateful for these beautiful days.  This unusual weather has been fabulous for running outside.  Speaking of running, I’m planning to run my first 50k in two days!!!  EEEKKK!!!  It looks like one thing I won’t have to worry about for once, is the weather.  It’s about this time before a race I start thinking about things that motivate me that I can reflect on during the long miles of races.  For this 50k I’m going to need a good arsenal of motivation in my back pocket! This is the inspiration for today’s post.  So here are five things that motivate me, and keep me running when my body and mind get tired and I don’t think I can go any more.


mantra bracelet CHANGE achieve believe When-Your-Legs-Get-Tired

2002, at my heaviest 240 pounds
2002, at my heaviest 240 pounds

I am a motivational quote junkie so of course, a few had to make my Friday Five list.  Also in there is my mantra bracelet.  This was a gift from my sister-in-law and I just adore it! I wear this every day for the week prior to each race event.  I also think about my journey and where I was and where I am today.  Not included in my Friday Five list is my family.  They are a major source of inspiration (and support) for me, but I could write an entire post about that. 

I’ve shared with you some things that motivate me and I hope they inspire you.  Your turn – what do you turn to for motivation, or think about during those long runs? 

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