Finding the “Sweet Spot”

I seriously cannot believe I just rolled my calendar over to August!  Back to school is just around the corner, and I’m thinking “where did summer go?”  It always just seems to go too fast. 

As I do at the beginning of each month, I took a tally of how my workouts have been going for the past month.  July was certainly an active month for me.  I’m knee deep in my marathon training, which this time around includes a decent amount of cross/strength training.  Usually the strength training gets pushed to the side as my mileage increases.  This go around, I’ve made a commitment to continue those gym sessions.  I’ve been working to increase my weights and now I’m beginning the shift of learning to transfer that power into speed.  July had some pretty high mileage weeks for me.  I hit some new records – for my highest weekly mileage, and most monthly miles.  My highest week brought me to 61 miles, and a total of 248.25 miles for the month. 

Week 1 – 26 miles (5 day week)

Week 2 – 61 miles

Week 3 – 59.25 miles

Week 4 – 54 miles

Week 5 – 48 miles (5 day week)

This was in addition to 3 days a week of strength training,2-3 days a week of kickboxing, and teaching cycling classes.  The kickboxing does not feel like a workout to me.  It’s just plain fun to kick and punch those bags, and it’s time I get to spend with my daughter before she heads off to collegeville. 

July running

July also had a big focus on nutrition. I’ve been working really hard to refine my diet to best fuel my activity level and help me recover faster.  This area is so much harder for me than getting to the gym or lacing up my shoes.  Timing my intake has been super helpful for me in reducing my recovery time.  In addition, I’ve managed to get those pesky sugar cravings under control!  This is a huge victory in my book!  I’ve been addicted to sugary sweets since I was little.  It was a big factor in why I gained so much weight in the past.  Food and I just did not have a healthy relationship.  I can honestly say that right now I’m feeling my best and am in such a better place about how I view food.  

So what does all of this work and effort look like on paper, or in numbers??  Well, in the past 10 weeks I’ve dropped 2.5% body fat and gained 3 pounds of lean muscle.  What did the scale say??  That’s the funny part.  I technically only dropped a half pound!  Ladies and gents – just another reason not to focus solely on that scale!!  Changes are happening and my body is in the zone, so to speak.  I believe I have found that sweet spot.  The sweet spot for me is getting to my racing weight and body fat percentage, without sacrificing muscle, and managing those cravings I mentioned earlier. 

As we roll into August I’m looking to continue fine tuning my efforts toward my goals.  It won’t be without challenges, however.  The hubby and I are heading to Jamaica for our 5 year anniversary in a few days.  All you can eat buffets and lounging around the pool are not part of my typical routine.  I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve and ideas of how to keep (mostly) on track while we are enjoying the Caribbean and celebrating our anniversary.  I’ll be sharing those with you in the next post when I get back! 

How did July go for you?  Are you nailing those goals you set for yourself the beginning of the year?  How have you managed to stay on track with workouts and diet while on vacation?

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