Favorite Fitness Apps

What is your favorite health or fitness app that you use?  I have several that are my go-tos.  Here’s a list of my top 5 and why they make my list:

1.  My FitnessPal – I am successful when I track my food intake and activity level.  It’s not necessarily about counting calories or macros.  Sometimes it’s just about the accountability.  Similar to a group fitness class.  You make friends with fellow class go-ers and start to look for them to be in class.  You sort of nudge each other along.  When one of you isn’t there, you might inquire about them. It’s the same for me with my food.  Writing it down, or tracking it somewhere keeps me in check and aware of my actions. 

2.  Fitbit – this app uses blue tooth technology to receive the data from my Fitbit Flex.  It keeps track of my steps, activity level, and sleep patterns each day.  Whats even better about it, it syncs up with MyFitnessPal.  The two apps talk back and forth with each other.  So, once I’ve synced up my activity in the Fitbit app, I can jump over to MyFitnessPal and see if I have “earned” some extra calories or a special treat that day. 

3.  Everymove – another app for tracking activity.  I have connected the Everymove app to my Fitbit app so I only need to “enter” the data in one of the apps.  Everymove works with retailers, employers, and health plans and offer rewards for reaching activity levels.  Who doesn’t like a good reward??  $10 off my next pair of running shoes at my favorite local running shop?? YES! YES! YES!

4.  Rock My Run – I love listening to mashups and remixes when running so this app and I are great friends!  A cool new feature they have recently added is that you can change the beats per minute of the mixes.  This is particularly helpful if you are working on your running cadence.  Set the BPM to the desired pace and go.  I can also use it in my group fitness classes for the same reason.  Easy to adjust the tempo.

5.  Tabata Timer – My pink Gym Boss timer is my favorite go-to timer, but for those days I have forgotten it or can’t find it in the depths of my gym bag, the Tabata Timer app is a great backup. 

Some other apps I’ve heard cool things about but haven’t had time yet to check out:

PACT – get paid for working out!  (Why haven’t I checked this one out yet???)

Pushups – Supposedly helps you improve the number of pushups you can do continuously. The makers of this app also created separate apps for the same purpose with pulls ups and sit ups.

Couch-to-5K – great for someone looking to get started running.  This app is supposed to make it easier to track those run/walk intervals.

Do you use any of those I’ve listed?  I’m always looking for new technology, share your favorites!  Have you tried some that were a total bomb?

On another note, today I had the opportunity attend a CEU workshop about Rest Based, Tabata, and HIIT training.  More info on this in my next post, but it goes along well with the current DVD giveaway I’m hosting. Time is almost out to sign up – be sure to get your name in there for a chance to win!  HIIT training is a great way to burn some fat!  Here’s the link to the giveaway – MASH UP DVD giveaway

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