Challenge Your Trainer & Operation 165 Week 2

Operation 165 Week 2

Week 2 of Operation 165 is in the books, and let me just say – it went down BIG with the Challenge Your Trainer fundraiser we held at the Pinnacle Club to help me raise money toward my goal for MS Run the US.  The fundraiser was a huge success!!  More details on that soon – first let’s talk about how training for week 2 went down:

Week of 02/01/15:

Sunday – 14 miles easy, crossfit

Monday – crossfit, 30 mins kickboxing

Tuesday – 5 miles easy, 30 mins kickboxing

Wednesday – 9 miles easy, crossfit

Thursday – 7 miles fartlek, 60 mins indoor cycling

Friday – crossfit

Saturday – Challenge Your Trainer workout, 6 miles easy

Total Miles: 41     Total Planned Miles: 38

Starting Weight 01/31/15: 127.6     Ending Weight 02/07/15: 130

Saturday I completed a mega workout as part of the Challenge Your Trainer fundraiser we held at gym.  We asked members to donate/purchase exercises and build me a workout – the money donated all going toward my fundraising effort for MS Run the US.  In addition to building a workout for me, members/clients had the opportunity to challenge other trainers, too!  I think our members had a lot of fun coming up with some unique ideas for challenging their trainers, and it was fun for the trainers to be on the receiving side of the workout for a change!  Here’s one of our trainers working the box squat:

Challenge Your Trainer

Here’s what my workout shaped up to be –

2:15 bike sprints

2:15 wall sits

6:30 row machine

1:30 kettle bell thrusts

101 burpees

16 pushups

11 TRX rows

2 laps overhead carry

12 walking lunges

36 box squats

1:15 mountain climbers

13 assisted pullups

19 turkish getups

several variations of planks

MS Run the US Pinnacle Fundraiser

I finished the workout with two final challenges – 15 minutes of stair climbing and eating a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting!  This was probably the best cupcake I’ve ever had by the way!!!

The support I received from members and staff at the Pinnacle Club was just amazing!  The event raised over $1500 for multiple sclerosis!  This generosity will provide the financial and moral support needed to continue the mission of MS Run the US.  I want to extend a big heartfelt thank you and gratitude to the members and staff of the Pinnacle Club.  Thank you to all who gave, whether through financial gifts, time, or words of encouragement!  It was an incredible day full of blessings.

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