Catching Up – Operation 165 Weeks 10 & 11

Operation 165 Week 10 and 11

I’m a little behind in my weekly updates.  It feels like I blinked and two weeks passed!  I’ll keep this post brief and just give you the details of my workouts for weeks 10 and 11 of Operation 165.  I’ll be posting more about my recent experience at the Go! St. Louis Marathon in my next post!

Week 10 proved to be quite challenging for me.  I was fighting off a cold and my body was run down.  I need to do a better job resting and getting in my immediate post-workout recovery carbs.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.

The first relay runner for MS Run the US starts on April 12!  Be sure to follow us at @msruntheus or #msruntheus.

And lastly, here’s the recap of my last two weeks of training:

Week of 3/29/15:

Sunday – 27 miles easy – I ran the Hogeye Marathon in Fayetteville, AR.  You can read about my experience in this post.

Monday – crossfit, 10 miles easy

Tuesday – REST day!!

Wednesday – 12 miles easy, crossfit

Thursday – 4 miles easy, crossfit, and 60 mins cycling

Friday – Rest day!

Saturday – 12 miles easy

Total Miles: 65     Total Planned Miles: 66

Week of 4/5/15:

Sunday – 29 miles easy

Monday – crossfit, 10 miles easy

Tuesday – REST day!!

Wednesday – 17 miles, crossfit

Thursday – 3 miles easy, 60 mins cycling

Friday – 12 miles easy

Saturday – 2 miles easy in St. Louis, MO exploring the Arch and area parks

Total Miles: 73      Total Planned Miles: 76

I’d love to hear everyone’s number one recovery tip.  Please post them in the comments below.

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