A little speed work and inspiration

Today I read a friend’s facebook posting about their swimming goal.  They talked about how the mind and the body just aren’t connected – yet.  We know we are capable of certain things, but our mind sometimes gets in the way.  I found myself thinking about this post throughout the day and realized I can completely relate to it.  I’ve set a goal for myself of running a marathon in four hours.  There, I said it.  Four.  Hours.  It’s a goal I know my body is capable of.  I’ve trained hard and smart.  So what’s stopping me???  It’s that little voice in my head.  It tells me I’m tired.  It says my legs are heavy as lead.  It says it’s so far to go.  The voice can go on and on… if I chose to let it.

believeToday I made the decision to close the door to that voice and listen to my body.  If the mind is working, the legs will follow! I knocked out my speed work session and felt pretty darn proud of myself when I was done.  I’m going to try to spend the next few days focusing on how far I have come and all that I have accomplished rather than thinking about how far I have to go.

Are you ready for some speed work training?  Here’s what my plan called for today:

  • 8 miles total: ~ 2 mile warm up, 5x 5:00 with 2:00 recovery jogs in between, ~2 mile cooldown.

What do you do for speedwork?  Let me know if you give this one a try and what you think of it!

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