2013 Running Recap

Yesterday I signed up for my first marathon of 2014.  With that comes the task of setting my goals for this race.  In order to best do this, let’s take a look back at what I accomplished in 2013.  So here’s the down and dirty of 2013 in my running shoes:

Miles run:  2075

Training runs completed: 265

Average run distance:7.83 miles

Marathons completed:4

Half marathons completed:1

10Ks completed: 1

Marathon PR: 4:09

In 2013 I basically ran across the state of Nebraska 4.5 times! Now that I know where I have been, I can figure out where I want to go.  Coming soon – Phoenix Marathon race goals!

Thanks to This Runners Fuel for the great idea to recap the numbers of 2013.

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